So professional. Bevin takes time to ask how I'm feeling, any new issues each time. She is The BEST!!!

McKinnon Morton

I've been a client with Bevin for 2 years. She is has strong hands, working out knots & leaving me feeling so relaxed. Her professionalism and candor set her apart from other massage therapist. Book with Bevin!

Johanna Lovfald

Bevin is the best massage therapist! I cancelled my Massage Envy membership to use Bevin exclusively! She finds all the knots and tight spots and works them out without "poking the bear" and making them hurt worse.

Kendel Martin

Before Austin Roots, my go-to place in town for a massage was Viva. But I've had massages all over town-Milk and Honey, Spa by JW and Lake Austin Spa Resort. I was gifted a gift card to Austin Roots Massage Therapy and was happy (because who doesn't like a free massage!) but wasn't expecting a whole lot. But boy was I blown away! It far exceeded my expectations and was hands-down the best massage I've had in years! Do yourself a favor and give Austin Roots a shot! I've been a couple times now and had massages with Bevin. I plan to keep going back. I'll miss some of the amenities of Viva, but the massage at Austin Roots is too good to go anywhere else!

My only tip: the first time I visited, I got a little mixed up on the parking situation-there's a dedicated parking lot behind the building with lots of spaces. So, even though the house is right off of Koenig and there's an entrance facing Koenig, you park on the back of the building and enter in the door facing the parking lot. Very easy and convenient.

Nicole Olvera

I'm no stranger to massages, but Austin Roots is my favorite. I always make a point to visit Bevin when I'm in town.

Rebecca Childs

Had the best experience with Bevin. She found all the knots in my back and worked on them. She has strong hands & is worth every penny. I highly recommend booking with Bevin. I can't wait for my next one !


Bevin is the absolute best! She was able to work out knots that I swear I've had for years. Do yourself a favor and book with her ASAP!

Ashley Olson

I had a great massage here. Bevan really knows her stuff. I felt like warm pudding afterward. Recommended.

Anne Dingus

Best massage I've ever had! I highly recommend Bevin! She is amazing! I feel so good after that wonderful massage! I got the Swedish massage with hot salt stones, and let me tell you, I am still on cloud 9! I've never felt better!

Jeannette Brown

Great experience with a helpful massage here. I was dealing with what I later found to be a bad case of tennis elbow. So while the massage didn't solve my problem, it definitely helped relieve a lot of the pain I was getting in my neck and shoulders from compensating. Very professional and pleasant work!

Nicole Fields

I have been following Bevin since she was a student massage therapist and have followed her over the years. She is the only massage therapist that I go to!

Kris Kottke

Bevin provides such a relaxing, peaceful massage experience and really knows how to work out the kinks!

Debbie Fincher

Wonderful massage great place and owner highly recommend

junior click

Bevin knows what she is doing and how to best work with your body. I highly recommend a visit. Her background in Kinesiology is an asset in her understanding of our tissue and muscular anatomy.

Judy Lawson

I went for a pregnancy massage earlier this year and a deep tissue massage recently. Great ambience and amazing service by Bevin. Highly recommend!

Maria H

Bevin is fantastic! She adjusts the pressure to my liking, her massage room is clean and inviting. I always feel completely relaxed after a Bevin massage!

Diane Fleming Skwish

BEVIN has that unique ability to find a knot and break the knot. Find the knot and break the knot. She's a high-level, world-class Massage Therapist!

Eric Hollerbach

I've gone to Bevin for years now and have had nothing but great experiences. The ambiance is comfortable and soothing. Bevin is friendly and gives a wonderful massage. I would definitely recommend Austin Roots Massage.

Jordan Connell

Massages from Bevin are so relaxing and she also does a great job working out all the tension and tightness from stress and work outs. Don't hesitate to book an appointment!

Ann Lette

I've been going to Austin Roots Massage Therapy for several years. I highly recommend Bevin. She gives the BEST massages. I go to see her once a month and my body honestly has never felt better. She offers different types of massages (Swedish, deep tissue, etc.), with either 60 or 90 minute options. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment!

Nicolette Hebert

Bevin is wonderful, highly recommend her... I keep going back ? ...

Maria Norwood